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WEBCONNECTIONUSA.COM will provide the Internet services and software licenses governed by the following conditions:

1. WEBCONNECTIONUSA will provide the Internet services and software licenses for the website identified with the domain name provided.  

2. The service referred to this authorization operates as follows:

A) DOMAIN: WEBCONNECTIONUSA will manage and register the related domain name, which the USER chooses, with the agencies responsible for international domain extensions, for the duration of this agreement. If the domain name is registered nationally and therefore user's property or purchased previously, WEBCONNECTIONUSA will inform the USER one month before the expiring date of the registration and this notice shall be understood as a report for the renewal of their registration so WEBCONNECTIONUSA will not liable for the failure to renew the user's domain that prevents access to its website.

B) CONSULTING: WEBCONNECTIONUSA will provide the advisory service in the conceptualization of software development for the user's website, according to the best knowledge of WEBCONNECTIONUSA in graphical advertising, marketing and software.

C) PRODUCTION: At the time of signing this form the user must supply the graphic and textual material for the content of its website properly edited and in digital format. With this material WEBCONNECTIONUSA will develop customized software for the user that includes the production of graphic images, text, sound and animation on a test preview of the user's web page that does not include engineering developments which will be made on the basis of the final design of the website. WEBCONNECTIONUSA reserves the right to accept partial deliveries of such material but at least will accept the required for the development of the preliminary test. This preliminary design can be modified within a period not exceeding ten (10) working days to meet the expectations of presentation and quality approved by the USER. If within this term the USER makes no submissions to the pretest means as approved and WEBCONNECTIONUSA will proceed to the completion of the page. If the USER has observations an additional term of ten (10) working days will be provided to approve any additional amendments or modifications after which the site will be developed in full. Once published, any changes of the website in its final design, different to the accepted updates, will be charged equal to the development of a new page.

D) If the user has not delivered all the material required for the completion of its website after approval of the preliminary test, will have a maximum term of thirty (30) days for delivery thereof. Once this period has passed the page will be completed with the available material and published. For all purposes this publication shall be considered as formal compliance of the conditions by WEBCONNECTIONUSA.

E) PUBLICATION: When completed WEBCONNECTIONUSA will release  in the network the final design approved by the USER immediately accessible through a server connected to the Internet.

F) INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT: If WEBCONNECTIONUSA develops a system for the interactive management of personalized content of the website with images and text, the system will allow new products, features and photos and to alter or delete existing products, applicable to customers with continuous rotation of products, changes to collections or inventories of short-term, in addition to handling interactive news, events and / or promotions.

G) MAINTENANCE: WEBCONNECTIONUSA permanently verifies the validity and proper functioning of the web pages of users, so that these are accessible 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

H) UPDATES: The user is entitled to update service of essential information content of the page such as address, phone, email, and corporate image that have been amended and includes new information required for the business activities of the USER. Any modification, update or change will have a minimum term of ten (10) working days from the date of the formal written request from the user and / or delivery of the artwork and documents needed. These updates are provided if the user delivers the changes material digitized and complete. Production time shall start at the date of delivery of all material required.

I) REPORTS: The USER may receive periodic statistical reports for the updated record of the number of visitors to the page. These reports can be obtained via a link entitled to do so in the user's web page and depends exclusively on the availability of information at the time of application of the service enabled by WEBCONNECTIONUSA. For this reason WEBCONNECTIONUSA does not guarantee that such information is permanently available to the user, however, WEBCONNECTIONUSA will exhaust all means available for the achievement of such information in the shortest time possible.

J: HOSTING SPACE. The value specified for the service includes hosting space on the server, available for the page content and e-mail traffic with the domain, within the technical specifications established by WEBCONNECTIONUSA who is empowered to provide the service described using the server that he considers to be most suitable and may change the server as often as necessary for better service.

3: OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER. a) The USER understands and agrees that once authorized the production, will have a term of ten (10) business days for delivery of the production material properly edited for preparing the preliminary test of its website. b) Once the test produced the USER will have a maximum term of ten (10) working days from the date of notification, to approve the preliminary test developed and make the delivery of graphic and additional documentary material required by the terms of this authorization to proceed with the termination of the page. If the USER does not provide the required material within the appropriate time, WEBCONNECTIONUSA will publish the page with the material received to the date and that will be understood as fulfilling of the production process. Any subsequent delivery of all or part of the production material will be received as an upgrade or change and have a minimum term of ten (10) working days from the date of formal written request from the user and / or delivery of graphic and documentary material necessary if the case. This condition does not apply to engineering development which can have different time conditions according to agreed production parameters. c) The USER agrees and understands its obligation to pay the agreed amounts starting from the signing of this authorization and that the payments are not subject to the production or publication of the website while WEBCONNECTIONUSA does not have all the material required for its production and that the service authorization covers the acquisition or management of the domain, the reservation of hosting space on the server, the conceptualization, design and production processes that are started from the signature date of this form that is understood as an order of production of the website. Consequently may not justify the cessation of payments for this reason and the breach of this condition entitles WEBCONNECTIONUSA to demand payment of the agreed obligations.

4: The USER agrees to pay to WEBCONNECTIONUSA for the service the sum agreed for the first year at WEBCONNECTIONUSA ´s office or bank accounts determined by WEBCONNECTIONUSA for such purpose. Payment shall be made by 50% in advance at the signature of this authorization and 50% at the publication of the web page in the terms agreed herein. For the subsequent annual periods the user will pay the sum also agreed between the parties. If payment is not made within the time allowed the service will be suspended and not resumed until such obligation is paid.

5: The User understands and agrees that the right to use the custom license ends each year and the developed software and design are the exclusive property of WEBCONNECTIONUSA, so that subsequent use or copy is illegal. In any case the user may purchase the software and design developed by WEBCONNECTIONUSA by paying the determined price according to current prices.

6: PWD disclaims all liability for failure to provide the service as long as force majeure or unforeseen circumstances affecting servers and computer equipment of the company occur in which case its liability is entirely covered by full or partial refund of the payments received in proportion to the service unfulfilled. If unable to comply with the ordered service is due to the USER claim or refund shall not be applicable

7: EXONERATION For all purposes PWD reserves the right to do not publish material offensive to law and morality and is totally exonerated for any liability resulting from the content of graphic and textual material owned by the user who is solely responsible for the use and publication of the information identified by its commercial name and image.